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Yakima, WA


Automotive Brake Repair in Yakima, WA

For trusted and reliable Yakima, WA, automotive brake repair, car and truck drivers just like you take their vehicles to Rads Auto Repair. We have been a referral-only shop for 20 years and take pride in providing honest service with friendly prices. Our highly experienced technicians are ASE certified and we can provide convenient shuttle services in Yakima, WA, when needed.

We understand the importance of getting you back on the road quickly in Yakima. From headlights to tailpipes and everything in between, our experts can detect, diagnose, and fix a wide range of vehicle problems. We specialize in braking systems in order to ensure the safety of your family. We offer:

  • High quality products
  • Friendly recommendations
  • Thorough attention to detail
  • Auto, engine, and radiator services

Don't delay any longer. Whether you have noticed a new squealing noise or reduction in response, we urge you to bring your car or truck to our Yakima, WA, automotive brake repair shop today. Our technicians at Rads Auto Repair will run a full diagnostics test and make recommendations to keep you safe. Drivers in Yakima, WA, get behind the wheel with confidence knowing they will have the braking power when needed most. Invest in the security of your family and loved ones by booking an initial appointment today for more information.